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Welcome to The Academy

Open Bible Christian Academy exists to glorify God and enjoy Him by: forming our hearts for learning about God and His world, informing our minds with truth for life, and transforming our imaginations with purpose in God’s kingdom. We are a school where heart and passion fuel learning.

2022 / 2023 School Update

Open Bible is preparing the following for safely opening the Academy in the fall of 2022.  At this time:

  • Classroom learning – five days a week with social distancing guidelines:

    • Temperatures will be taken before entry to building

    • Class sizes capped:

      • K5 – 5th grade: 16 students

      • Middle School:  18 students

      • High School:  No cap

    • Middle and High School students will change classrooms

    • Classroom cohorts are encouraged, but will not be mandated

    • Lockers will be utilized

      • Staggered locker times and assignments

    • Student desks (seats) will be approximately 3 feet apart

    • Parental choice as to whether their children will use plexiglass guard at their student’s workspace.  Let the office know if you want your child to use the plexiglass.  Enforcement of this request is between the parent and child and teachers are not required to be the enforcer of parental request.

    • No staggered dismissal

      • K3 and K4 will dismiss from top of hill

      • K5- 5th grade dismisses at 3PM

      • 6th – 12th grade dismisses at 3:15PM


  • Cafeteria will be open

    • K3 and K4 will eat in their classrooms

      • Snack time snacks are provided

      • Students will pack their entire lunch

    • 2 Lunch periods:  Lower school and Upper school

      • Students will eat with their class

      • Students may purchase some items (more details in separate email)

      • Microwaves will be available for grades 3 and above


  • Field trips can resume.  Masks will be worn by all people on public transportation, including public and private busses.


  • COOL Club (before and after school) will operate under the guidelines required by MSDE Childcare Division


  • Masks:

    • Maryland Coronavirus website tracks the daily average in the prior 7 days for all jurisdictions across the State of Maryland.

    • OBCA will mandate masks for each week if Baltimore County, 7 day rolling average positivity rate is 6.1 or above.  We will use the Thursday rate as reported by Baltimore County.

    • This will be announced each Friday in the newsletter for the next week


      • If masks are mandated for the week, MASKS WILL BE WORN THE ENTIRE WEEK.

      • We will re-evaluate every week

    • If masks are mandated:

      • Parents will provide mask and pack a spare mask if one gets soiled or broken

      • It must be worn properly: covering nose and mouth

      • No gator or bandana type masks

      • All students and staff will be required to wear masks regardless of vaccination status

    • It is highly recommended that all students and staff have a spare mask

    • Parental choice if you want your child to wear a mask.  Anyone who wants to wear a mask may wear a mask and OBCA supports their decision.  Parents of children of any age and any vaccination status are entitled to request that their own children wear masks.  Enforcement of this request is between the parent and child, and teachers are not required to be the enforcer of these parent requests.

    • Masks are not required for outdoor activities.

    • A State of Maryland and or Baltimore County order (not a recommendation) regarding masking will supersede this guideline.


  • Ongoing Sanitization of school facilities

    • Hand hygiene practices will be required to mitigate the spread of COVID, Flu, RSV

    • Hand sanitizer stations available at entries/exits and hallways

    • Teachers and students to disinfect surfaces in classrooms throughout the day

    • Disinfectant fogger to be used in classrooms after hours


  • Vaccinations

    • Personal choice

      • Majority of staff is fully vaccinated

      • OBCA encourages our staff and students that can get vaccinated, but is not mandatory to mitigate the risk of COVID and Influenza


  • Student or Staff who get ill while at school

    • Per the MD Department of Health:

      • For the purpose of decision, if any ONE of the COVID-19 symptoms are present:

        • Fever 100.4 or higher

        • Sore throat

        • Cough

        • Difficulty breathing

        • Diarrhea or vomiting

        • New onset of severe headache

        • New loss of taste or smell

    • Staff-

      • Will leave the building as soon as possible

      • Teacher desk surface will be wiped down

      • Staff will remain at home for 48 hours after all symptoms and medication taken


  • Students

    • OBCA needs the support of parents and guardians.  Please actively monitor the health of your family and children to avoid exposing the school community.

    • Will be assessed by nurse or office staff

    • Will be sent home if any ONE of the COVID-19 symptoms are present, parent will be contacted.

    • Student should be picked up from the office within one hour

    • Student will remain home for 48 hours after all symptoms and medication taken

  • MDH quarantining guidance for COVID -19 positive cases and close contacts will continue to be observed.


  • Education when absent:

    • Students who are absent from school for quarantine or isolation due to COVID, will receive the link for virtual learning after the parent contacts the nurse to discuss the situation and picks up the student’s books.

    • Students who are absent due to illness or other medically related situations can get their assignments from Jupiter or when they return.  All assignments can be received and submitted through Jupiter.  Parents may request work prior to their child’s return, if students are able to complete work but not able to return to in-person learning.

    • Students absent for a non-medical reason will receive make-up work per the usual policy of OBCA.

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